Wind At My Back Gift Pack

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This set is the ultimate collection for Wind At My Back fans and would make a great gift!
Gift Pack Includes:
  • Wind At My Back Complete series DVD Boxset
  • A Wind At My Back Christmas DVD
  • Wind At My Back Soundtrack Volume 1 & 2 CDs
Wind At My Back chronicles the struggles of the Bailey family –torn apart by economic hard times while trying to survive The Great Depression of the 1930’s. The lives of the Baileys are the backdrop for stories of family bonds and the poignancy of love; sometimes funny and awkward, sometimes haunting, sometimes full of pain.

"Fans of Road to Avonlea will be delighted to discover another 65 hours of family entertainment with the same sensibility as Avonlea"


DVD Details:

Starring: Shirley Douglas, Kathryn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage, James Carroll, Robin Craig, Cynthia Belliveau, Laura Bruneau, Dalene Irvine, Lynne Griffin, Dan Lett, Ron Lea

Composer: Peter Breiner

Release Date: 2009

Formats: Standard DVD

Region: 1

Languages: English


Rating: PG

Runtime: 65 hours 


Featurette: Beginnings and Endings
Featurette: Finding New Bedford
Featurette: Behind The Scenes of Season Three
Featurette: Behind The Scenes of Season Four
Featurette: Behind The Scenes of Season Five
Game Promo
Credits & Cast Bios

Includes the following:

  1. Wind At My Back - Season 1
  2. Wind At My Back - Season 2
  3. Wind At My Back - Season 3
  4. Wind At My Back - Season 4
  5. Wind At My Back - Season 5

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Wind at my back

We're on Season 3 and enjoying it.