"Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning" Paperback Novel by Kevin Sullivan

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A novelization written and created by Kevin Sullivan from his original screenplay.

In Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, it is 1945 and Anne Shirley has returned to Prince Edward Island for an extended visit. On a whim, she agrees to write a play for theater producer, with the hopes that it will keep her busy enough to keep her mind off of her only son who is in service in the War overseas. But a long-hidden secret in the form of a letter from her errant father, discovered under the floorboards at Green Gables, provides a distraction of its own. Over the course of one remarkable summer, Anne Shirley discovers the truth about her parents, the origins of her quest for 'kindred spirits' and the roots of her brilliant, magical imagination.

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Release Date: 2009
Languages: English