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wind at my back complete series DVD
wind at my back complete series DVD
Wind at My Back Box Set
Wind at My Back: Box Set with Free CD

Wind at My Back: Box Set with Free CD

$ 179.99 USD

Wind At My Back chronicles the struggles of the Bailey family –torn apart by economic hard times while trying to survive The Great Depression of the 1930’s. The lives of the Baileys are the backdrop for stories of family bonds and the poignancy of love; sometimes funny and awkward, sometimes haunting, sometimes full of pain.

"Fans of Road to Avonlea will be delighted to discover another 65 hours of family entertainment with the same sensibility as Avonlea"


Special Features:

Featurette: Beginnings and Endings
Featurette: Finding New Bedford
Featurette: Behind The Scenes of Season Three
Featurette: Behind The Scenes of Season Four
Featurette: Behind The Scenes of Season Five
Game Promo
Credits & Cast Bios

Product Details:

Starring: Shirley Douglas, Kathryn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage, James Carroll, Robin Craig, Cynthia Belliveau, Laura Bruneau, Dalene Irvine, Lynne Griffin, Dan Lett, Ron Lea

Composer: Peter Breiner

Release Date: 2009

Formats: Standard DVD

Region: 1

Languages: English


Rating: PG

Runtime: 65 hours 

Includes the following:

  1. Wind At My Back - Season 1
  2. Wind At My Back - Season 2
  3. Wind At My Back - Season 3
  4. Wind At My Back - Season 4
  5. Wind At My Back - Season 5

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I am thoroughly enjoying this series. It brings history to life!

Wind at my back, complete set

Christmas Gift for my Mom-she loved it!

One of the best

I love this show. First saw it on a channel I’ve never paid attention to. I was instantly enthralled with the characters. I looked forward to it every day . The reason there were no more shows because at the time the series was being produced, Canada had a law that limited series to only 65 episodes. It has now been changed. They tried to find a way to wrap up the series with so many storylines left unfinished by doing a christmas special that in my option did not come close to the previous episodes. Some of the actors were not able to make the Christmas special, such as Grace, Mae and the sister in law. Love, love this show.


AMAZING show!! Worth every penny for this box set. Thank you!!

Compelling and very enjoyable

I've now finished watching all five seasons of "Wind At My Back" on DVD. There is a sequel, "A Wind At My Back Christmas," which I will purchase when I am able. "Wind At My Back" is an excellent series. I highly recommend it. Set in a mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada, in the 1930's, it focuses on the lives of members of the Bailey family, a fictitious family with both wealthy and impoverished branches. Out of a possible five stars, I would award the series four and a half stars. I'll relate here the positives and the negatives.
The positives:
First of all, it is a compelling story. Through all of the episodes (each episode lasts forty-five minutes), my interest was keenly held. Even though I had seen most, though not all, of the episodes when they were broadcast as reruns recently on BYU-TV, I was still riveted. The creators of the series knew how to spin a good yarn, believable, containing depth and compelling human interest.
Clearly, a lot of research was done into the styles and history of the 1930's, clothing styles, auto styles, architectural and other styles. The dominant historical background was the Great Depression, which, as in the United States, was keenly felt in Canada and led to much hardship and suffering. Thus, this series has more in common with a Theodore Dreiser novel than "Father Knows Best" or "Leave It To Beaver." Not every story has a happy ending. Serious problems are addressed, big struggles are shown.
The characters portrayed are very believable. Some of them were likable, some were not. Much of the focus was on the growing young Bailey boys, "Hub" (Hubert) and "Fat" (Henry) who grow from childhood into adolescence. They have struggles, strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and defeats. Both are very engaging, both are at times infuriating, and both are credibly played by the actors portraying them. Their stepfather, Max Sutton, teacher, coach, and later mayor of the town, is nearly perfect as a mentor and guide.
There are two o...