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Wind at My Back: Season Four  - Standard Fullscreen
Wind at My Back: Season Four  - Standard Fullscreen
Wind at My Back Season Four DVD
Wind at My Back Season Four DVD
Wind at My Back Season Four DVD

Wind at My Back: Season Four - Standard Fullscreen

$ 29.99 USD

The story of the Bailey family resumes as they grow closer and experience the surprising twists that confront their daily lives. Toppy is coping with an empty nest and must rely on her wits to forge a productive life for herself. The boys, Hub and Fat, are entering a competitive stage in their relationship is threatening to become strained. It doesn’t help that their mother, Honey, has been away at a sanatorium. When she returns, she still needs the support of her loving husband Max and family. Grace has all but given up on love until one Jim Flett makes an impression. And presiding over everything, is May Bailey –who might actually be trying to be empathetic.Despite the lighthearted nature of this season’s stories, the effects of The Depression are still being felt in New Bedford. As they rally together to face adversity, the Bailey’s find out, once again, that; “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”

Special Features:

Behind the scenes Featurette

An Interview with Dylan and Tyrone

Cast Bios

Game Promo

Product Details:

Starring: Kathryn Greenwood, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage, James Carroll, Shirley Douglas, Robin Craig

Composer: Peter Breiner

Release Date: 2009

Formats: Standard DVD

Region: 1

Languages: English


Rating: PG

Runtime: 600 minutes

Includes the following episodes:

1.All This And Heaven Too

2.It Don't Mean A Thing

3.A Girl In Trouble

4.A River Rages

5.After Leo

6.Faith Healer

7.Remembrance Day

8.The Shadow Boxer

9.Murmur Most Foul

10.The Wild Blue Yonder

11.A Family Again

12.A Formal Affair

13.The Foolish Heart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I'm not sure what you expect that I'm going to answer but I have no specific comments on the fourth season . I've appreciated the whole serie. Anyway I like the Kevin Sullivan's world. Also I have a question for you; Why only the two first seasons are bilingual ?I would very much apprecate an answer. Thank you very much in advance. Ginette Gagnon


Wind at My Back: Season Four - Standard Fullscreen


Wind at My Back: Season Four (2000) - Standard Fullscreen

Remembering how our parents and grandparents made it

The depth of character and weaving of life circumstances into the Wind at my back series brings humor and hope into our uncertain times

Such a great series

Can't believe it took me 18 years to discover this series. Am totally hooked, loving this. Only have one more season to go sadly but will no doubt start watching it through from the beginning again