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Road To Avonlea: Complete Series Box Set with FREE Avonlea Sounds and Scenery CD-Widescreen DVD Version
Road To Avonlea: Complete Series Box Set with FREE Avonlea Sounds and Scenery CD-Widescreen DVD Version
Road to Avonlea Complete series

Road To Avonlea: Complete Series Box Set with FREE Avonlea Sounds and Scenery CD-Widescreen DVD Version

$ 189.99 USD

This product has:

-English Closed Captioning

-English and French Language Tracks

A young girl (Sarah Polley) is sent to live with her mother’s relatives in Prince Edward Island. Set in the early 1900’s, the series follows her adventures, as well as that of her family and the town’s people as she grows up in Avonlea.

Special Features:

Full cast bios
A Fond Farewell: The Cast Looks Back
The Origin of a Series
The Kids of Avonlea
The Scripting of Avonlea
A Tour of the Kind Farm
Gifted Guest Performers
& more! 

Product Details:

Starring: Sarah Polley, Jackie Burroughs, Lally Cadeau, Cedric Smith, Gema Zamprogna, Zachary Bennett, Mag Ruffman
Release Date: 2013
Format: Widescreen DVD
Languages: English & French
Subtitles: English 
Rating: G
Run time: 600 minutes x7

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

The perfect series for a family.

One of the best shows ever created!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Road to Avonlea. The show is clever, heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny. They do not make shows like this anymore. The characters are all so charming, and I cannot get enough of Hetty's facial expressions and antics. If you love Anne of Green Gables, you will be delighted with the return of Marilla and Rachel. The only reason I am giving this particular set 4/5 stars is because of the packaging. Unfortunately, the DVDs are boxed in such a way that they are difficult to get out of the package. When I put them back in the boxes, I feel like I'm doing a surgical procedure to make sure that they don't get scratched. When they arrived, many of the discs were loose and had been jostled around in the shipping process. That was distressing. Fortunately, only one disc wouldn't play, and Sullivan has assured me that my replacement disc is on the way. However, the show itself is glorious and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for wholesome, clever, heartwarming and hilarious entertainment. You won't be disappointed. I also recommend An Avonlea Christmas, which is also wonderful. I ordered it after finishing the series. I want more!


OH MAN, I wish this show could have gone on for another three or four seasons. I used to LOVVVVE this show and all things Anne of Green Gables. I just really wish that the set came in Blu-ray..... I don’t know why this has not been converted into Blu-ray at like the end of Green Gables has. Come on Sullivan Entertainment, just because your movies/shows are set 100 years ago doesn’t mean your video formatting needs to be. CATCH UP!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

The Road to Avonlea Complete Series

My wife loves this series even more than she did as a child. I am enjoying it with her and it is very wholesome compared to today's garbage.
Thanks again.

Great show

Love the show. Packaging could be better. I wish they sold digital copies of the show as well.