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An Avonlea Christmas - Widescreen Edition DVD (2012)

An Avonlea Christmas - Widescreen Edition DVD (2012)

$ 19.99 USD

This product has:

-English Closed Captioning

-English and French Language Tracks

As World War I rages in Europe, the citizens of Avonlea prepare for their annual Christmas festivities. Hetty King, always ready and willing to do her part for king and country, is planning a Christmas concert with the schoolchildren to raise funds for the war effort. Janet King, whose son Felix is away fighting in the trenches, would prefer to forget about the war altogether.

"Road to Avonlea is solid, engrossing family fare with classy acting, splendid photography and fine period look.”- Variety

Special Features:

  • Closed Captioning
  • Audio tracks: English, French
  • Trailer for "Wind At My Back Christmas"
  • Beautiful Interactive Menus

Product Details:

Starring: Zachary Bennett, Jackie Burroughs, Mag Ruffman, Gema Zamprogna, Cedric Smith, Lally Cadeau, Patricia Hamilton

Composer: Peter Breiner

Release Date: 2012

Formats: HD DVD

Region: 1

Language: English

Subtitles: English

Rating: G

Runtime: 92 minutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

An Avonlea Christmas - Widescreen Edition DVD (2012)

Myrna Goudy
An Avonlea Christmas

it was as good as the 7 seasons and I really enjpyed it. Excellent.

John G
Settle in for a somber family reunion.

When we left the Avonlea series it was a joyous occasion every thing seemed to be looking up before the war. Kevin Sullivan did mention that the series ended at the perfect time, and I might have to agree! This revisit to Avonlea was great to see the same family cast members but at the same time it definitely put me in a somber mood. Happy Christmas Avonlea!

Leo Rochon
An Avonlea Christmas

Excellent. Wonderful movie.

Michelle Langston
Simply THE BEST of Road to Avonlea!

In my opinion, An Avonlea Christmas is the *very best, most heartwarming* of all the Road to Avonlea episodes. (It won’t mean as much to you if you are not familiar with the characters in the previous episodes). I cried and laughed while watching this for the first time recently, and absolutely loved it. I hope that you will also enjoy An Avonlea Christmas, and that you will cherish it for years to come as I will.