Road To Avonlea: Complete 7 Season Series Box Set

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A young girl, Sara Stanley (Sarah Polley), is sent to live with her mother’s relatives in Prince Edward Island. Set in the early 1900’s, the series follows Sara's adventures, as well as that of her family and the town’s folk, as she grows up in Avonlea.


Special Features:

  • Full cast bios
  • A Fond Farewell: The Cast Looks Back
  • The Origin of a Series
  • The Kids of Avonlea
  • The Scripting of Avonlea
  • A Tour of the Kind Farm
  • Gifted Guest Performers

Starring: Sarah Polley, Jackie Burroughs, Lally Cadeau, Cedric Smith, Gema Zamprogna, Zachary Bennett, and Mag Ruffman

Product Details:
Release Date: 2013
Format: Widescreen DVD
Languages: English & French
Subtitles: English 
Rating: G
Run time: 600 minutes x 7 Seasons 

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Great buy!

I absolutely love this show, so when I could afford it, I bought it. The only downfall of this product is the packaging. I had at least one disc of each season out of it's spot. It didn't look like any of them got scratched, just have to be careful taking them out and putting them back in.

Rachel Hutchinson
Very Pleased

Love my box set and DVD! I've been wanting to splurge for the box set for years now. So glad I did:)

You do have to be careful of the DVDS being loose when they first arrive, and remember to push down on the springs to remove thankfully none of mine were scratched.

Claire ROTH
Wait (before) see

Not received yet.
Still expecting.....

LANI Christensen
Great DVDs; impractical packaging

I love the dvds. They are all great. It’s the packaging that needs some reworking. The dvds come in an overlapped fashion in a case that is difficult to pry the dvd out of. I feel like I’m going to break the dvd. Also, one of the dvds were not secured in the case properly and it was sliding around and getting scratched up in transit. That’s my only gripe. We love this series and consider it a treasure. It’s media that makes the world better for having viewed it.

Meredith Hensel

I am absolutely enjoying the Series and I love to just put on the Free Sounds and Scenery DVD as background noise or to create a light calming atmospheres. I highly recommend this set.