One-of-a-kind Anne Quilt Blanket

$ 91.00 USD
Featuring iconic Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea inspired images! This blanket is a 56'x60' detailed jacquard weave.

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Tasha R.
My Favorite Quilt

I received this beautiful Anne of Green Gables quilt as a Christmas present last year, and now it hangs in my favorite place. I have been a fan of Anne for a few decades, and I also have other items like the pillow case. The quilt wears well, and I love the colors and artwork in it. The size is perfect and I can snuggle up in it to keep warm when I am reading in my favorite chair. It's a lovely gift and I get compliments on it. I think fans of Anne would love this quilt.

Maria Love
Birthday Gift for Grandmother

My maw maw and I have watched Anne of Green Gables together for years and now we’ve continued the tradition with my daughter as well. We all love this timeless classic.
I got this blanket as a gift for my maw maw’s birthday. It arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! It is a very nice size and wonderful quality! Her birthday isn’t until next month so I haven’t given it to her yet. I have it wrapped and waiting, but I know she will love it as much as I do!

I’m seriously considering getting one for myself soon once I have the money to spare. It is pricey but we’ll worth it!

Robert Howell

One-of-a-kind Anne Quilt Blanket

Hannah Magee

It is absolutely beautiful and everything I wanted it to be and more!!

beth roberts
Bringing Christmas home

This is a very nicely sized blanket for a cold Canadian winter. With touches of avonlea and green gables it’s home for the holidays! So happy I was able to snag one!