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Avonlea Afternoon Tea Set

Avonlea Afternoon Tea Set

$ 25.00 USD


Our limited edition Avonlea Afternoon micro-blended fine tea is perfect for relaxing and refreshing yourself at any point in the day. This is a blend of high elevation Ceylon and Keemun teas; a fine balance of strength and flavour.

Use 1 gram or 1/2 teaspoon for a 6 oz. cup. (Feel free to use more if you prefer a stronger flavour!)

Let black teas steep for 5 min at 212 F / 100°C 

Each tea is infused with amazing flavour and richness. For best results use soft water. Leaves can be used for multiple infusions.

Includes mug with text: "I never do the same wrong thing twice." - Anne Shirley

Pro Tip: Hand wash mug to preserve vibrancy

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