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Road to Avonlea: The Ties that Bind (eBook)

The Ties that Bind is part of the Road to Avonlea eBook collection. Adapted from the television series Road to Avonlea, The Ties that Bind follows the magical adventures of Sara Stanley and the King family.

Sara Stanley's eyes sparkle with delight as she discovers her Aunt Olivia's secret plans to elope with Jasper Dale. "How romantic," Sara sighs. But once Hetty King sniffs out the scheme , she knocks all notions of romance out of Olivia's and Sara's heads. Taking matters into her own hands, Hetty vows to give the bride and groom a traditional, common sense wedding. The King farm becomes the site of another family celebration, but Hetty's meddlesome ways threaten to tear the family apart and bungle Olivia's big day!

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