Anne of Green Gables Hard Cover Coffee Table Book Package by Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan has created a multitude of images in over 30 years of film-making. Filled with the spirit and beauty of his productions this exquisite book is a compilation of photography in the genre of Magic Realism; an aesthetic style in which fantastical elements are captured in realistic settings. The images contained in Tales are accompanied by literary quotations that provide metaphor for the often inexplicable ambiguity of observation of the world we inhabit. The unique look Sullivan has created throughout his richly detailed movies and television productions is reflected through this series of sumptuous images, often heightened by natural effects of light and shadow. They provide the viewer occasion to question and gain deeper understanding of the commonplace and the spectacular. Sullivan strives to exhibit the world as he sees it in unfamiliar ways; and in so doing reminds the viewer, through the means of the detached observation of photography, of the many mysteries that exist all around us. Beyond Green Gables is filled with striking photography and inspired comments by writer/director Kevin Sullivan on the visual style created in his films, this sumptuous book is a captivating addition to any bookshelf or coffee table. Sullivan's visual style goes beyond the art direction of his richly detailed movies into the world he lives in. A lavish excursion through favorite images of art, actors and hundreds of extraordinary production stills, Beyond Green Gables offers innovative examples on how to recreate the atmosphere of Sullivan's movies in your own home.
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Package incudes: >Beyond Green Gables photography book >Tales photography book
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