Out of the Shadows - Hidden Masterpieces Widescreen DVD (2012)

For hundreds of years, the public has only seen the surfaces of famous masterpieces by artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt as well as medieval religious treasures such as The Norfolk Triptych. Now, through a melding of innovative scientific techniques and art connoisseurship, completely different paintings and important clues about the artists themselves are being uncovered one layer at a time by members of the Holland Rembrandt Research Project and scientists from the University of Delft. Out of the Shadows explores just how closely science allows art historians to enter an artist’s psyche. The question of why an artist would choose to paint over their own masterpiece is explored in this fascinating documentary that ultimately rewrites the foundations of art history.
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Composer: Peter Breiner
Film, Series, or Collection: Sullivan Classics
Rating: G
Release Date: 2012
Runtime: 58 minutes
Formats: HD DVD
Genres: Documentary
Languages: English

Special Features

  • Experiments at Brookhaven Long Island
  • Rijksmuseum Bronzes
  • The Kroller Muller Museum
  • The Mystery of David Teniers
  • Hidden Religious Relics
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