Anne: The Animated Series - Anne and The Bully

This charming children’s book based on Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series was created by Kevin Sullivan, with the aid of teachers, to address important issues in the lives of children. Just one in a series of books available at Shop at Sullivan, Anne and the Bully is an enjoyable teaching tool for young learners and includes a handy dictionary at the back to clarify any difficult words. Its chapterbook format and wonderful animated visuals make this book a great addition to any bookshelf and classroom!

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Release Date: 2010
Languages: English

Plot Description: Orville has been bullying Felix King since the day he arrived in Avonlea. From stealing his lunch, to stealing his model gliders, Orville is making Felix’s life a living nightmare! When Orville manages to use Felix to do his science project, Anne has had enough! But how do you stop a bully without becoming a bully yourself?


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