Rilla of Ingleside

Set almost a decade after Rainbow Valley, Europe is on the brink of the First World War, and Anne's youngest daughter Rilla is an irrepressible almost-15-year-old, excited about her first adult party and blissfully unaware of the chaos that the Western world is about to enter. Her parents worry because Rilla seems not to have any ambition, is not interested in attending college, and is more concerned with having fun. (In an aside, it is revealed that Marilla has died; her date of death is not specified but Rilla states it was before she was old enough to know her very well.)
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Published by Seal Books, this paperback special collector's edition also includes the original, unabridged text, a specially commissioned biography of L.M. Montgomery, and a map of Prince Edward Island.

Film, Series, or Collection: Anne of Green Gables
Release Date: 1996
Languages: English
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