Promise The Moon DVD (1997) - Standard Fullscreen

Promise the Moon is the story of rugged ranch hand, Roy Leckner (Henry Czerny), who tries to fulfill his employer's dying wish to find his long lost son, bring him home, and groom him to run the family's failing cattle ranch. Roy locates the young man (Shawn Ashmore) who he discovers has been institutionalized since birth. When the town's local businessman, Sir Robert Butler, plots to take over the property, it looks like Roy has little chance of saving the ranch. However, Butler's former secretary, Jane Makepeace (Colette Stevenson), joins forces with Roy to battle her greedy ex-employer. Rescuing the boy from the insanity of an institution and teaching him cattle ranching forges an awkward liaison between the two. Despite their attempts to maintain their distance, a romance blossoms between Roy and Jane.
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Starring: Henry Czerny, Colette Stevenson, Shawn Ashmore

Composer: Peter Breiner
Film, Series, or Collection: Sullivan Classics
Rating: PG
Release Date: 2006
Runtime: 90 minutes
Formats: Standard DVD
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Languages: English
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