PR: Operation Overload DVD (2000) - Standard Fullscreen

A flat-out funny cast, starring comediennes Diane Flacks, Ellie Harvie, and Fiona Reid, kicks an assortment of high-profile butts in this truth-or-dare peek at the behind-the-scenes of the public relations industry. Absolutely Fabulous Alex Reed (Diane Flacks) is a fast-talking liar, boozer, and inspired owner of Alexandra Reed & Associates, a flourishing metropolitan PR firm. She and her partner (Ellie Harvie) create news, hype, and fabricate only the best events in order to serve a guarded list of actors and celebrity clients. When the PR wheels start to spin out of control, the inner workings of the machine get disastrously exposed!
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Starring: Diane Flacks, Ellie Harvie, Michael Beaver

Composer: Peter Breiner
Film, Series, or Collection: Sullivan Classics
Rating: 14A
Release Date: 2004
Runtime: 90 minutes
Formats: Standard DVD
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Languages: English

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