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Young Lukas Bienman, an indentured servant in 19th century Prussia, witnesses a murder by the ruthless Count who frames Lukas’ father for the crime. After helping his father escape, Lukas flees with the Count’s sister and her beautiful daughter Ursula to Canada, the home of his estranged grandfather. Disaster follows when Ursula’s mother dies of smallpox and Ursula herself is kidnapped by con artists. Braving river rapids, Lukas rescues Ursula and the pair set out through the treacherous wilderness, encountering many adventures before being reunited with their families.
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A riveting frontier story following the tumultuous and often tragic journey of young Lukas Bienman (Zachary Bennett). The story begins in 19th century Prussia, where Lukas works as an indentured servant. His world is shaken when his mother dies in childbirth, following a falling out betwen his father and grandfather over the family's future. Through a series of mishaps, Lukas is separated from his family, and finds a dangerous enemy in the terrible Count Otto von Lebrecht. In an attempt to both flee Count Otto and reunite with his father, Lukas escapes to America by befriending a young Baroness named Ursula (Gema Zamprogna). Upon arriving in America, Lukas and Ursula set off on a perilous journey through the treacherous landscape. Together, they face unthinkable obstacles to see their families reunited once again.

Composer: Peter Breiner
Rating: PG
Release Date: 1992
Runtime: 149 min
Formats: Standard DVD
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Languages: English

Starring: Zachary Bennett, Gema Zamprogna, Michael Mahonen

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