Butterbox Babies (1995) - Standard Fullscreen

Butterbox babies is the shocking true story of Lila and William Young, owners of the Ideal Maternity Home for unwed mothers in the 1930s and '40s. Resented by the medical community, the Home falls under public scrutiny when a routine delivery results int he mysterious deaths of two patients. The public becomes outraged when they discover the Youngs have been secretly burying dead babies and selling healthy youngsters to childless couples.
Butterbox Babies is Canada’s highest-rated television movie ever and won the 1996 Gemini for Best Dramatic Movie.
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Starring: Susan Clark, Michael Riley, Catherine Fitch

Composer: Peter Breiner
Film, Series, or Collection: Sullivan Classics
Rating: 14A
Release Date: 1995
Runtime: 97 minutes
Formats: Standard DVD, Closed Captions
Genres: Drama
Languages: English

Special Features:

  • Behind-the-scenes feature with cast interviews
  • French subtitles.
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