Anne Shirley of Avonlea Perfume

Anne Shirley is quite the character. When she is not getting into mischief or apologizing profusely, Anne is taking care of those she loves. While her imagination may run away with her, she is a kind soul and a true kindred spirit.

Fresh and floral, Anne Shirley lets you escape the confines of the working world and brings you back to a simpler, more fulfilling, time. Complete your ensemble with a spritz to the wrist and neck before you head out the door. After all, you are never fully dressed without a scent.

This perfume is for you if:

- You have a flair for the overly dramatic and will go to extremes for the perfect re-enactment of the Lady of Shalott.

- You dream of flower-filled fields and crowns of Queen Anne’s lace.

- You enjoy getting lost in a good book or two.

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