An Avonlea Christmas Autographed Screenplay

Avonlea fans will surely enjoy this authentic version of the script from An Avonlea Christmas. As World War I rages in Europe, the citizens of Avonlea prepare for their annual Christmas festivities. Hetty King, always ready and willing to do her part for king and country, is planning a Christmas concert with the schoolchildren to raise funds for the war effort. Janet King however, whose son Felix King is away fighting in the trenches, would prefer to forget about the war altogether. Each script is autographed by the creator of the series, Emmy Award-winner Kevin Sullivan.

Kevin Sullivan also directed the beloved Anne of Green Gables series.

The script comes enclosed in a black display box with a transparent cover.

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Film Synopsis:

An Avonlea Christmas pays tribute to the indomitable and sometimes intolerable matriarch of the King family. Hetty is hospitalized when she suddenly collapses during the holidays. Feeling homesick and alone, she begins to re-evaluate her relationships and accomplishments in life. The story takes place against the backdrop of World War I as the King family prepares for its traditional Christmas dinner.

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