Anne of the Island (Official Sullivan Edition)

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Anne of Green Gables, Sullivan Entertainment released an all new revised paperback copy of L.M. Montgomery's famous novel Anne of the Island. Includes a foreword by Kevin Sullivan and inserts with images from the movie.


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In this third volume of the Green Gables series Anne of the Island, Anne’s life changes completely when she leaves her teaching position in Avonlea to attend college in Kingsport. There she shares a cozy house with three girlfriends and meets new friends, including the man of Anne’s dreams - but is he her true Prince Charming? When Anne explores life outside of Avonlea, she is surprised by two unlikely marriage proposals. After graduating, Anne returns home to Green Gables to hear some shocking news. Her life is thrown into turmoil, which causes her to re-evaluate her hopes and dreams

Film, Series, or Collection: Anne of Green Gables
Release Date: 2008
Languages: English
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