White Sands Cologne (3.4 oz)

You will be dreaming of summers in Prince Edward Island with this unique signature blend. With woodsy top notes of cedar and citrus, this clean crisp scent will keep you coming back for more. Much like the White Sands Hotel featured in both Road to Avonlea and Anne of Avonlea, this is a classic scent that will never go out of style. Complete your outfit with a spritz to the wrist and neck before you head out the door. After all, you are never fully dressed without a scent.

This cologne is for you if:

-Your favorite season is autumn, but you enjoy a summer breeze through a propped open window.

- You enjoy a hearty game of croquet with family and friends.

- Your style is business casual, but you like to accessorize with socks that have personality.

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Cologne bottle is 3.4 oz, and comes in a rectangular glass bottle with a silver ribbed top. Also comes with a black ivory bag.

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